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Popular 90s Cartoon revisited in a Fan Fiction Roleplay. Create a Gargoyle and Play Him or Her.
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 Berzerker - 10th Century Teutonic Gargoyle

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PostSubject: Berzerker - 10th Century Teutonic Gargoyle   Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:11 am

When registering a character, please have the following information:

Your name: Bear

Your age: 30

Your gender: Male

Your timezone: Central

Your location: USA

Character Name: Berzerker

Species: Gargoyle

Age: Physical Age 50 (Gargoyles Age Slower), Hatched over 1,000 years ago. Magically frozen in ice.

Personality: Warrior

Picture and Face Claim: If Human, you can use a Drawing, if you are Gargoyle.

If Gargoyle:

Clan: Formerly Berzerker Clan, now Manhattan Clan

Description: Black Skin and Wings. Bears Head. 3 Toed Talons on feet. Clawed hands. 10.5 Feet Tall.

If Human:

Special Skill sets:

Personality: Alpha Male, Type A Personality. Quiet usually, but will laugh.

Picture and Face Claim: ( a photo of your charatcher and the name of the actor/actress)


This Warrior's Story starts with his Grandparents, not that Gargoyles have Grandparents. His Grandfather was a Bear Gargoyle, but his parents were unique. One was a WereBear dedicated to Odin. Odin chose him to do a favor for Oberon. He sent him to save the lives of a was the greatest Warrior in his Clan. He excelled as a Warrior and a Leader. He was chosen to save one of Oberon's Children, trapped in Iron. He fought through the humans that had her, slaughtering them all. The Humans were prepared with Iron, while torturing her, but a WereBear was a different matter. He succeeded. Odin asked him what he wanted. He said Wings. Odin was a crafty fellow, and turned him into a Gargoyle. He earned his way into his clan.

The Gargoyle who would be known to the Goliath Clan as Berzerker looked just like his Grandfather. He had a rage that was the namesake of his clan. They were Berzerkers. He was the biggest, and strongest. He was more than a Warrior. He was a Leader. He eventually became the Second in Command of his Clan, the lead enforcer. He gave orders on the battlefield. His enemies were using a sorcerer. His life changed forever.

Rp Sample: (Must be at least 1-2 paragraphs)[/color]

Berzerker was giving orders. His Clan were moving through the Warriors. "Left Flank. I got the Sorcerer." He charged at the Sorcerer. He struck the sorcerer with his Axe. The Sorcerer's Death Curse Happened. He was blown asunder. He was knocked back and landed team in the icy water. He came up a floating Icecube. He was magically frozen. He sunk into the water.

A Thousand Years Later he had begun to melt. He floated close to the shore. He had finally melted enough that he was able to break free. He turned to stone in the water. When night fall came, he awoke, almost drowned doing so. He came ashore. He lay there coughing, axe in hand. "Odin's Beard where am I?"
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Berzerker - 10th Century Teutonic Gargoyle
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