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 Clan Ishuimura (Japan)

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PostSubject: Clan Ishuimura (Japan)   Mon Sep 30, 2013 3:05 pm

Clan Ishimura

Clan Ishimura is a clan of gargoyles in Ishimura, Japan. They reside there and teach Bushido. Unlike most other gargoyle clans, Clan Ishimura peacefully co-exists with the humans.


The gargoyles of Clan Ishimura fought alongside the samurai of ancient Japan. When peace found Japan, the gargoyles settled alongside the humans of Ishimura to help defend the town from criminals and to teach Bushido.

One of those students, Taro who was a poor student at best, grew up and became a very wealthy businessman. He formulated plan to exploit Clan Ishimura for his financial benefit, and duped the dissatisfied Yama into assisting him. A wrench was thrown into his plan, however, when the Avalon Travelers arrived. He calmly adapted the plan to include kidnapping Goliath, Angela, and Bronx with the domestic clan and display the whole lot in his gargoyle theme park.

Elisa, with the assistance of Hiroshi, the town's police constable, tracked them down to the theme park, where the two managed to help the rebelling gargoyles to escape. They also helped to dissuade the press from believing in the gargoyles by claiming they were invisible and a hundred feet tall.

Even though Yama believed that the theme park was designed so his clan could teach the children of the world Bushido, he acted without honor and betrayed his clan. For his punishment, he was banished until his last honor could be restored.


It is notable that gargoyles of Ishimura sometimes have fewer digits on their feet or hands, or have more digits on their wings than is found among other gargoyle clans. Besides that, many of the clan's members have thick brow ridges, horns, and spikes, often having more than one pair of horns. Many have spikes, blades, or forked features on the ends of their tails. Some members have beaks, but they appear to be a minority. So far, none of the observed members are hairless or light-haired, none have feather-like wing coverings, and none have their wings attached to their arms and legs.

Known Members

Kai - Clan leader
Sora - Second in Command
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Clan Ishuimura (Japan)
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