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 Christopher of the Doccine

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PostSubject: Christopher of the Doccine   Christopher of the Doccine I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 06, 2013 6:06 am

Your name: WormsMeat or Contact

Your age: 20

Your gender: Male

Your timezone: Pacific

Your location: Canada

Character Name: Mercutio

Species: Gargoyle (Doccione)

Age: As old as the 12th century, but mental age is 30's.


Traditionally Christopher is a religious gargoyle, spending his time studying the latin language and its bible; however, this Mercutio only existed in brief during the rise of a cathedral age. It was in the in this period that Christopher was born, but not yet named. He is a studious Gargoyle and very articulate, which is uncommon in his Dog-like breed.  So studious in-fact that he sounds of a young Patrick Stuart when speaking in his aged-self.

Before growing old he was a very affectionate individual, playful, doe-eyed and childish. Now, due to many years in solitude, being asleep, and suffering tragedy, Christopher is less-trusting of humans and can be very aggressive - like an abused Doberman acting on instinct. He hardly speaks, and has taken a 180 in emotions.

Clan: The Doccine

The Doccine are a gargoyle clan that were said to curse god for their strange clinging to Catholic Churches and expensive monuments. They are said to steal god's heavenly light from cathedrals by fighting for its highest peeks, where god is closest, when really this is a misconception. Primarily, they are protecting god's church but, The Doccine operate on a fundamental difference than that of a regular gargoyle. Unlike ordinary Gargoyles, Doccine do not rely on the setting-sun for reanimation; instead, they find highly intensified sunny spots to soak-up solar energy which radiates off if them at night an reanimated them during the darkness. This can result in very long-lives depending on their climates, and even temporarily frozen in time in darker areas. They still follow basically the same cycle, but function slightly differently.


...Christopher was transported from Santa Maria in Italy to the lowest levels of the Vatican due to an incident in the 12th century...

1189, the sun was at its hottest and the day was coming to close. A young, studious boy name Michael studied in the high-gardens of the golden cathedral, studying is notes from the bishop this early-morning passed. He spotted a smiling stone high above the garden dripping down water, like spit, in a cheeky fashion. He could help but fear its mischievousness, having been told to stay-away from the growling-stones. But! It looked so happy.

He continued this routine everyday, coming back to see the same smiling gargoyle. Soon, he started to fead his nonsense lectures to what he thought we deaf-eyes, helping him recall the messages. One day, he spent too much time and night-fall came during the story of saint Christopher. As the being came to, Micheal remember the story he'd just read, over and over, and it gave him comfort as to the gargoyle as well. Saint Christopher was said to fear nothing and so bravery became an absolute in Christopher's moral complex. They were indeed knit.

Days passed and Michael came to visit each night, but had spilled the word about his imaginary friend. The priest sent him away the next morning and the gargoyle to be locked in the Vatican. The dungeons made him docile, weak, immobile, and stone fo 20 years. Then, on day, he was rescued by that same boy; however, he was a thieve, beaded, and changed. Tormented by the church, he lead to destroy it. He could not with his stature, and so they flead to the England via sailboat were they accompanied themsleves with pagens and barbarians.

Eventually, they were caught sailing between a naval confrontation during the day and the vessel, named The 3 Miracles, was sunk with Christopher on its mast.

It wasn't until a British National Museum excavation that Christopher was bought and sold to a museum in NYC were he is being ship in the resent 2000's. Surely the owners were meaning to invest in a zoo or they would not have made the puchase.

Rp Sample:

A six-foot-tall, dog-like creature removed itself from the shadow of the ships sail casted in the moonlight. It's dark-marked eyes where clams to opal jewels glowing the hew of the full-moon, and they seethed with anger, distain, disgust. Its long, spotted neck arched high into the night, adding at least another foot, towering above its victim with pride. This was the physic of a demon!

"I beg you to leave this vessel in an dry fashion, or I will escort in a fashion of opposite origin!" The beast necked to the unsettling ocean, basking in the power of the moon. Beams showered the gazelle-like horns that crowned the demon named Christopher as he ordered. Light was strong on this day, and would lead to the crew's victory.

The man stood, shaking in his swashbuckled boots. "Did you expect me to bark and howl, Sir?" [/color]
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PostSubject: Re: Christopher of the Doccine   Christopher of the Doccine I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 08, 2013 12:39 pm

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Christopher of the Doccine
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